Ursodiol Tablets 250-mg


Size: 30 Tabs

This item requires an active prescription from a vet visit within the last 12 months Details We'll collect your pet and vet information to verify this prescription before shipping..

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Ursodiol is a prescription medication given to treat certain diseases of the liver and gallbladder, including chronic hepatitis. It may also be used to help remove gallstones that contain cholesterol. Customers may receive this drug under the names Actigall, Urso.


Ursodiol is used to treat certain diseases of the liver and gallbladder by reducing the amount of cholesterol in bile and bile stones.

Possible Side Effects

Please contact your vet immediately if you notice any of the following: allergic reaction, diarrhea, vomiting, depression or jaundice (yellowing of the gums, skin or eyes). Other side effects are possible. If your animal seems ill in any other way while taking Ursodiol, contact your veterinarian immediately.

Drug & Food Interactions

Notify your veterinarian of any other medications, including vitamins and supplements, your pet is taking before using this medication.


Do not give Ursodiol to pets who are allergic to it or similar medications. Caution should be used in animals with complications of gallstones, such as pancreatitis, bile duct obstruction or inflammation of the gallbladder or bile ducts (cholecystitis and cholangitis). These animals should only take Ursodiol if the benefits outweigh the risks. If you observe any unusual signs in your pet, contact your veterinarian immediately.

This drug is FDA-approved for human use. However, it is common practice for veterinarians to prescribe such drugs for use in dogs and cats.

NOTE: For Generic Medications, the picture displayed may not depict actual product. Generic medications may vary from one order to the next by size, color, and shape depending on the manufacturer. Customers may receive the same drug under the names Actigall, Urso.

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