Clomicalm (Clomipramine HCl) Tablets for Dogs Bottle


Strength: 5-mg

This item requires an active prescription from a vet visit within the last 12 months Details We'll collect your pet and vet information to verify this prescription before shipping..

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Clomicalm is an oral medication prescribed by veterinarians to help control anxiety—including separation anxiety—in dogs. These tablets can also be used as part of a behavior modification program. This medication comes in an oral tablet form and can be easily disguised in your canine companion’s favorite food.


Clomicalm is used to control canine behavior problems, especially separation anxiety.

Possible Side Effects

Possible side effects include appetite changes, diarrhea, lethargy, dry mouth, difficulty urinating, or increased heart rate. Other side effects are possible. If your pet appears to be ill in any way after taking Clomicalm, call your veterinarian.

Drug & Food Interactions

Interactions can occur with MAOIs, selegiline, amitraz, insulin, some flea/tick collars, some antidepressants, and some thyroid medications. Always tell your veterinarian about any medications or supplements your pet is taking prior to using Clomicalm.


Animals who are allergic to clomipramine or other tricyclic antidepressants should not take Clomicalm. Discuss risks with your veterinarian if your dog experiences epilepsy, seizures, urine retention, decreased gastrointestinal motility, constipation, liver/kidney disease, heart rhythm disturbances, thyroid disease, or glaucoma before starting Clomicalm. Avoid feeding aged cheese to your dog with this medication. Pets under 6 months of age should not take Clomicalm. Safety studies have not been performed in pregnant/lactating females. Do not use in pets who are being treated or who have been recently treated with selegiline.


Clomipramine Hydrochloride.


Recommended Dosage

Tablets are given orally every 12 to 24 hours as directed by your veterinarian. Give this medication as prescribed by your veterinarian, as overdoes can be very toxic. Give Clomicalm with a meal to minimize the risks of stomach upset. If you forget to give a dose, give it as soon as you remember, but never give two doses at one time.

Storage Instructions

Store in a dry place at controlled room temperature between 59° - 77°F. Store unused tablets in the original closed container. 


What is Clomicalm?

Clomicalm is a tricyclic antidepressant that is given orally (by mouth) in order to control behavior problems such as separation anxiety when used as directed by your veterinarian.

What are the benefits of Clomicalm?

  • Works to manage behavior problems without a sedative effect.
  • Controls behavior problems and relieves symptoms when used along with proper behavior modification and training techniques.
  • Easy to administer.

How is this medication given?

Give this medication by mouth with food unless your veterinarian instructs you otherwise.

It is important to give this medication exactly as prescribed by your veterinarian. Clomicalm can be given once or twice daily.

Give this medication only to the pet it has been prescribed for.

How does this medication work?

Clomicalm influences serotonin and other chemical levels in the brain that can influence behavior.

What results can I expect?

You should start noticing an improvement in your dogs behavior problems, including separation anxiety but it may take several weeks to notice a change.

Clomicalm therapy is only successful when used in conjunction with proper behavior modification and training techniques.

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Prescriptions can only be dispensed as written by veterinarians.  The prescription must be written for the specific medication and quantity you wish to order.   Any changes will require a new prescription from your veterinarian.


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